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Have you been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer?


As part of the criteria for establishing a service-connected disability, the VA recognizes lung cancer and mesothelioma as illnesses possibly caused by in-service exposure to asbestos fibers. A valid disability compensation claim for asbestos-related disease must include a diagnosis of one of these conditions. In addition, you must provide through medical records and other documentation, such a doctor’s letter, evidence of exposure to asbestos in service. Our VA-accredited claims representative will help you assemble all of the information you need for your application.

Who we are and what we have done for Navy Vets

The New York lawyers of Belluck & Fox are nationally recognized for helping mesothelioma victims. We have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars for mesothelioma victims, including substantial compensation for Navy veterans and their families.

How we investigate your claim

Our attorneys obtain blueprints of your ship and records showing the asbestos products and equipment on the ship. We connect your disease to specific products made by manufacturers.